Introducing Quill

Over the past year, my friend Cos and I have worked many nights, weekends, and mornings at Gorilla Coffee crafting this project together. We saw a need to solve a problem that we were personally experiencing: while we can use Slack to communicate, Asana to plan, and Google Docs to write, there wasn’t a solution that allowed us to collaboratively draw together. We still share ideas by ripping a page out of a notebook, scribbling on a napkin, or snapping a photo of a whiteboard.

Cos and I set out to build a tool for teams that brings real-time and asynchronous collaboration to visual communication; a way to help with brainstorming and easily integrate the spark of an idea into our workflows.

With the recent announcement of the iPad Pro and this research that shows that 64% of people still use pen and paper for brainstorming and ideation, we see an opportunity to innovate. We think Quill will help provide an new productivity tool that solves the problem of how we can better create ideas together.

Thank you to everyone who helped beta test, provided guidance, and acted as a sounding board as we worked to get to this initial release. We’re very excited to see what comes after this starting point and hope it helps teams share in ways we hadn’t imagined.

You can download the app, follow us on Twitter, and check out the site. However, most importantly, we hope you use it and share it with folks who you think would find it helpful.

– Max and Cos


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