August 16, 2015



What is the Basic Structure of the App?

  • Structure: the basic structure is that teams can create projects, projects are comprised of boards
  • Permissions: team members can be added to various projects as “viewers” or “collaborators.”
  • Commenting: to leave a comment once you’re in a board, you must click the “comment” button and then place it on the board somewhere.


How Can I Share?
You’ll find a “share” button in the bottom-right of each board in the project carousel, and can easily save a board to your camera roll or share it via email. You can also export to Slack, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


What are Versions?
In the bottom-right of any board when viewing it from the project carousel you’ll see an icon to switch to the “Versions” view. This allows teammates to clone the original board so they can riff on an idea and iterate more easily. You can swipe through the different versions, and just tap the “Carousel” icon to return to the project view.


How Do I Report a Bug or Request a Feature?
Just give the iPad a vigorous shake up and down in a motion parallel to the plane of the iPad when in landscape mode to either send us feedback or report a bug. You can also use the button in the bottom-left of the screen.


When Are You Going to Support X Platform?
Right now we’re focused on the iPad, but certainly will look into expanding support to other platforms and operating systems.


What If My Team is More Than 5 People?
Send us an email!